Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hello Lovelies,

As per this post is well over due. Summer has arrived- yipee! It (summer that is) has rather taken me by surprise. I am all out of inspiration for summer clothes, added to this is the fact that I am more rotund than last year (hence nothing fits me) and I have a lack of monies to fritter away of summer lovelies- what-a-to-do?! 

I have a work thing coming up the week after next- running over 4 days in London. For this also I have no idea what to wear...

Right clothes dilemmas aside I have some news: Phee and I finally managed to go on holiday (the last time we did this we were 11 so it was well over due). We went to stay with my parents in France for a bit and, despite the fact it rained everyday until the last, we had a bloody gorgeous time.

Owing to the rain we spent quite a lot of time devising activities one of which was making macaroons, which are fucking hard to make I can tell you not least because of the fact the egg whites have to whipped- our arms felt as though they were going to fall off.

Egg white whipping.
Cakaroon tasting...
 Ultimately it was a futile exorcise. we tried to save the day by making cakaroons instead but a cake made forom egg whites and lacking in butter (i.e. no fatty goodness) taste pretty ming.
Even Ma couldn't pretend they were tasty.
We went to Toulouse for a bit of 'culture'- this mainly involved eating macaroons (professionally made this time), and pastries, and buying perfume and Bretons.

The Breton mission was accomplished.

My Pa and some of his mates have started a 'guitar club' (bless him he's getting on a bit) and it seems I missed my calling- clearly I should have been a folk singer non? look at the joy and rapture on that little face (please ingnore the fact  am wearing PJs and slippers).

for the most part we drank coffee and ate croissants.
helped Ma clean Gites

went on long walks


Hope alls well in your world xxx