Thursday, 29 November 2012

Graphics #2

Hello Lovelies of the blogisphere.

It has been too long! In my defense things have been super hectic in my corner of the world. The graphics stuff continues apace and I have started a few new job to get a bit of extra cash in time for Christmas. All in all I think I may have over done it slightly but I'm young and in a weird way doing so much is making me feel like I can do more... very odd. Anyway heres a few images from my latest design project. 

These are book cover designs based on 5 random words. Each image contains all 5 words (some more tenuous than others).

My 5 words were: Prussian Blue, Neil Armstrong, Blackpool, 300 and Skin.

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Regular readers will recognize the 'author' in this one. I have been so busy working on these, and no fun to be with at all. As the boy was there for most of it thought I'd include him here.

You can see more details about all of my work here.