Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wonder Wash

Wanted to do some outfit posts today as have got some bangin' new clothes (and a new buying method- less stuff better quality)  but for several reasons this didn't quite come to fruition.

1. I still have no camera and forgot to ask Phee if I can borrow hers.
2. I have become quite chubby recently, and therefore less up for being photographed. I tried dieting on Tuesday but it didn't work. Dieting lasted from 7am till about 4pm by which time I was hungry, tired and pissed off. I had to eat 2 Buenos and most of a bag of Maltesers to placate the hunger rage. I have decided that dieting is for the rich, already thin, and neurotic. It is not for me.
3. I am reading a brilliant book that eats hours of the day away and I am reluctant to put it down.
4. The weather is shite and not conducive to looking lovely in dresses.

So for now here is a photo of me using our new washing machine- very exciting.
Yes my eyes are closed- obviously I have been transported by the paroxysms of joy this appliance brings me.

Its called a Wonder Wash and it is indeed wondrous, did 2 loads in no time at all. The happiness the Wonder Wash inspired in me was only slightly marred by a sneaking suspicion that my excitement was in some way letting down the sisterhood. To paraphrase a great woman 'you can tell if some sexism is going on by asking yourself this- are the boys doing it?' Would the boys be excited by a Wonder Wash? probably not. Does this make my joy at it's washing capabilities sexism? Fuck knows but to assuage these thoughts I have told myself that I will use the time I save not bending over the bath wringing out mangy tights doing something fabulous. So far fabulous has been eating the remaining Buenos from the multi-pack and writing this post...

Love to all xXx

Monday, 16 April 2012

Return To Form

I did a few shifts at Monty's over Easter. It was so nice to be back and see everyone again. it was also Jo's last day which I'm really glad I was there for.

The boy and I sampled a new roast this weekend too, review to follow, at the Lion and Lobster. It was delicious and 'The Lob', as its affectionately, known is a pretty funky place.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

All Change

Hello Loves,

Its all change at the Penthouse this week- well my corner of it at least.

Have been feeling a bit stagnant of late so I decided to rearrange my bedroom. I often find that moving stuff about and changing routines helps bump start things.  I don't know how long the changes will last but for the moment I am pleased with the result. Plus it has the added bonus of allowing me and the boy to get out of bed without having to climb over each other trying not to squash sleeping feets!

In the spirit of change, and following the advice of the old proverb 'do one thing everyday that scares you' I went to an open casting the other day. I was actually surprised at how nervous it made me. In the end all I had to do was look a bit sulky in front of some metal sheeting for ten minuets or so. I couldn't help feeling embarrassed, there is something inherently arrogant in turning up obviously thinking that you are beautiful or interesting enough for people to want to photograph you. Goodness knows what, if anything will come of it, but I'm glad I did it for the experience if nothing else. It made me realise that unless you put yourself forward things are unlikely to happen or change.  I think this applies to all areas of life.

I recently read a fabulous post about finding something interesting in the mundane. Alongside challenging myself, as often as I can remember to do so, I intend to do just that!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I have had my eye on a pair of minty green (I believe they have officially been christened Gossamer Green) Vans for some time now. The thing is I don’t think they are as nice, or as versatile, as my trusty blues. However the old faithfuls are looking decidedly dilapidated and I am in need of a new pair of Shoobes, and it seems a bit dull to buy the same pair again.

I am also tempted by high-tops. Several pairs have caught my eye ranging from a basic plain white to Nike IDs (the kids versions as they are more snazy) via a rather lovely liberty print pair. I’m only slightly concerned that the high top lovin’ was inspired by a group of bright young things I spotted on the beach last week. They reminded me of my teen years… whilst I am still young I am no longer a teen and perhaps they’re not the shoe for me?
Thing is high tops are something of a statement and at £60 odd a pop are they really a good investment? 

In other news I need a pair of sandals. Phee and I are off to France in May and seeing as I haven’t bought a pair since 2007 I feel a new set are justified. Last year I toyed with the idea of a pair of sensible Clarks but couldn’t afford them. In the end I opted for some boots instead (buying winter shoes in Summer isn’t as mad as it sounds- you can usually pick up a bangin’ bargain) which has resulted in my current lack of summer footwear. 
ANYWAY there is a pretty pair in Topshop for £18, which seems like a fair exchange though I doubt they will see many Summers…
As always, Love to hear your comments and opinions so keep 'em coming. Love to all xXx

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Hello Lovelies,

The new app, on which you can hear my dulcet tones, is live! in the spirit of social media marketing you can check it out here.

Always takes me by surprise when I hear bloggers' voices. A bit like watching a film after reading the book.