Friday, 29 June 2012

Hoops and Hi-tops

In typical style I talked way too much and way too fast during my interview yesterday. I'm hoping it came across as Eager or nervous (in an eager way), and not mental and narcissistic. I will know in 2 weeks, finger and toes crossed.

I went out for a couple of drinks for a friends birthday last night. The hi-tops got another outing, this time with tights...

The hoops were in action yet again.

Have a lovely weekend! 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Crunch Time

I have the interview for my Graphics course today- little bit nervous.

What to wear?! Originally I thought it was best to go in what I felt most comfortable with, I ran this past a few people at work. Long story short: not a plan. This is mostly due to the fact that what I feel most comfortable in is jeans, Breton and trainers. Dang.

In the end I opted for this:
Jeans, H&M, £9.99. Shirt, Zara, c.£23. Cardi, Mango, £16.99. Ballet Pumps, H&M, gift.
A shirt (it is an interview after all), a cardigan (yes, its the pink one I was waffling on about a couple of posts ago), Jeans (I know I know, but they're black so they're sort of smart...) and ballet pumps (well at least they're not trainers).

I thought I'd spice things up a bit with some jewelery, again I kept things fairly conservative. just 2 rings, and hoops, of course, every girl needs a pair of gold hooped earrings!

Wish me luck! I'll let you know how I get on...

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hi Tops

I managed to get my hands on a pair of Black suede Nike Blazers this weekend!

Regular followers will know that I have been lusting after these beauts for some time and, after being told by several shops that not a single pair was available in my size in the whole of Europe, my hopes of finding a pair were not high. Having purchased a pair I am now unsure how to wear them...

My main beef is that I don't have legs that go on till next week. The beloved hi tops do have a tendency to cut off your leg at a point that makes it look a bit chunky. This is how I'm wearing them today with stone wash jeans, a loose fit black top, and of course the fabled hi-tops.
Top, H&M, £6.99. Jeans, H&M, c.£9.99. Shoes, Nike, £66.99.
 How do you wear yours?


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nos 7 & 8

I will be in London this weekend and probably won't get a chance to do much drawing, so I thought I'd cheat and do a couple now.

'The Hungry Ghosts' June 2012
I don't usually draw scary/dark stuff like this. These (see below) guys are more my style...

'Friendly Hungry Ghosts' June 2012
 These were inspired by a Buddhist bloke at work. Hungry ghosts are doomed to be unsatisfied, beings who are driven by need.

Phee and I decided to go for a health giving walk this evening. you can't really see the rain in these photos but believe me when I say it was certainly there!

Note the joy on my face.
Phee & I enjoying the English Summer.
 Finally, a plea for help! I have been searching for a pair of black suede Nike Blazers (with a white swoosh) in a UK 4.5. Alas they are no where to be found. Has anyone seen them anywhere? I am hoping they have been less popular outside of the UK...


No. 6

I'm getting quite into using water-colour paints, but have run out of water-colour paper. Like a fool I went ahead and water-coloured all over some little drawings I had started in ink pen. The result- puckered paper. Never mind eh, you live and learn.

'Bubs 1' June 2012

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

No. 5

I wasn't really feeling it this evening. I tried a couple of water-colours but nothing cooking, and ended up back in my comfort zone with a super fine ink pen.

'Bubs' June 2012

I have reached the image download limit on this blog so I'm going to start using PhotoBucket. if anyone can't see an image let me know.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

No. 4

Inspired by Komako Sakai, who I mentioned in my last post, I did this little painting today.

Another illustrator whose work I admire is Brett Helquist who illustrated Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Monday, 18 June 2012


A few of my favorite illustrators:

Komako Sakai

Ludwig Bemelman

Dick Bruna (best known for Miffy)


Sunday, 17 June 2012

No. 3: Hally Remastered

I decided that the picture I drew of Hally the other day wasn't all that great so I have 'remastered' it.


Sunday Shopping

I was working up in London last week and the hecticness of the Big Smoke has tired me out so this weekend I thought I'd take it really easy and relax. I ventured into town in search of a pink round neck cardigan I have wanted for ages. I've seen said cardigan on the Mango website but alas they have sold out in my size so I was hoping to find something similar. No joy. HOWEVER...

In typical shopping style I returned from town with multiple items none of which were cardigan based.

The fruits of my labor: 3 bottles of nail varnish, a lip stain, & 3 new pens.
Is it sad that I m so excited by new pens? most probably but I managed to find super fine one (0.05) which will be perfect for drawing the details on faces.

The nail varnishes were a bit of an impulse buy. A friend of mine has was wearing the orange one the other day and it looked fantastic. Similarly I have been reliably informed that applying a base and top coat make all the difference... after parting with £6.49 for the pleasure I bloody hope it does.

I fear the range will not look as lovely on me as it did on Hally. She is all exotic looking with long dark hair and dark skin, on her it looked sophisticated and fun, Where as I am distinctly European looking and I fear I will look more student in Faleraki. Still I plan to splash neon brilliance all over my nails and live in hope of sophisticated fun.


No. 2

Doing a drawing everyday is such fun! In fact I spent almost the whole day yesterday doodling, and here are the results.

'Natalie' June 2012

'Phoebe' June 2012

'Phoebe.1' June 2012
I can't see any personal 'style' yet, this is something I'm hoping will develop with time. I have heard conflicting opinions on style. Some say that not having one makes you more adaptable and means that prospective clients can imagine you doing their style more easily. Others argue that you are taken on based on our style. Personally I like it when somebodies work has a distinctive 'look' to it.

A good example of this Quentin Blake, one glance is all it takes to identify his work. Another is Scott. C, whose work I first came across on Tumblr. He did a series called 'The Great Showdowns' where he drew scenes and characters from films. I really like the way his style is consistent throughout despite the different movies he is depicting.

Quentin Blake. Illustration.


Saturday, 16 June 2012


Hello All,

I have received quite a few questions about the course I am hoping to start in September. I thought, rather than replying separately to each question, it would be better to reply to everyone in a post. Thank you all for the interest and if you have any other questions just drop me a line.

What course are you taking?
It's official name is something like: BTEC Level 3 Graphic Design. It's an evening course so you can work and study at the same time. (Useful for those of us coming to the game late- a girl's gotta eat).

Where are you studying?
Brighton City College

Do you have past qualifications?
No. I wanted to do something creative about 10 years ago but, like a fool, I thought I would take the academic route and went off to university to study Classical Civilizations.Whilst I really enjoyed studying Classics (and feel lucky to have had the opportunity) my advice to anyone considering further education is this: Follow your intuition. do what excites you and what you are good at, chances are you will choose a career that involves these things.

Do you have relevant experience?
I work for a company of cartoonist/animators/graphic designers. The stuff they do looked like such fun I decided I wanted in on the action.

For the most part my work experience has involved copy writing, working alongside designers to produce promotional material. Though I have had input as far as the overall look is concerned (colours, layout etc), I couldn't do the 'techi' bit, which is why I want to get those skills.

This may sound trite, but being around creative people is what inspired me to take the course. working in a creative industry has meant I have seen a whole bunch of jobs I didn't even know existed, not to mention meeting a heap of lovely people who are making a living doing something they love. 

Whats in your portfolio?
 It has taken me years to come to realize that you don't necessarily need to follow a prescribed path to get to where you want to be. So don't be afraid to put in things you have done for own pleasure.

A portfolio only needs to show that you are interested in something and give a flavor of the sort of work you do (obviously what you intend to use your portfolio for heavily dictates what goes in it).

My portfolio is made up of a few bits I have done over the last couple of years, but mostly doodles and sketches.

I hope this answers all your questions, and is of some help. xXx

Friday, 15 June 2012

No. 1

Hello hello!

A few months back I applied to do a Graphic Design course, and the other day  received a letter inviting me for an interview this Thursday!

The guys at work helped me cobble together a portfolio, and I have just about saved up enough money to do it so I'm pretty much set to go. With any luck I will be starting in September.

I find the more I draw the easier it becomes and the more ideas I have so to get my hand back in practice I have set myself the challenge of doing a drawing a day until the start of the course. I have set up a tumblr account to post them all on and when I figure out how to link twitter to it they should pop up there too. take a look and let me know what you think. better still if you have any ideas for mini projects let me know I'm keen to try out as much stuff as I can!


'Hally' June 2012

This is my brother's girlfriend Hally, who very kindly consented to being my muse for the first installment. It doesn't really do her justice- hopefully I'll get a chance to draw her again when I'm more in the swing of things.