Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Florist.

I didn't expect to be writing another review so soon but owing to circumstances out of our control (Yes ODEON Brighton 10 o'clock mid week is the perfect show time) Phee and I found ourselves with an evening to spare.

The Florist has been on our list (see previous posts) for a while and I have to say it didn't disappoint. First off they were playing Imogen Heap (I forget which song but it was one of her more up-beat ones) which is pretty near perfect for Wednesday evening boozing.

The pub is a sort of L shape with one bit raised above the other which was nice as sitting on the higher level you feel cozy and tucked out of the way from the main room where the bar is.

A plentiful supply of board games, and a few comfy chairs lends an informal air to the place as does the liberal sprinkling of fairy lights. I think, though don't quote me on it, I saw varnished wooden floor boards (always a plus).

The atmosphere was relaxed, if a little quite (though it was Wednesday night). There was a nice mix of people too; a couple of old boys in corduroy nursing pints to blokes in hoodies discussing graphic design. Things got busier later in the eve with groups of 20 somethings having a lovely time (and playing a few of the board games) which was nice.

Not being a connoisseur, I can't comment on the quality of ale but generally speaking, corduroy wearing gentlemen of a certain age (see above) are quite discerning when it comes to these things so we shall have to trust their judgment. Phee and I had G&Ts which were spot on (and they have special offers on doubles on Wednesdays) served to us by a very sweet, and slightly bumbling young man.

Sadly The Florist doesn't serve food, only bar snacks (the usual fair). This is a real shame as they have the space and its a nice place to unwind post work that would definitely benefit from serving some more substantial grub. Having said this I read one review that said they serve Pizzas...

My advice: pop in for a tipple on your way to somewhere else (pre-dinner perhaps- its not really a lets-get-shit-faced-then-go-clubbing kind of scene), or relax with a drink or two on your way back from work.

Oh and a final note: its probably one for the girls or couples- the fairy lights are wasted on anyone else!


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Royal Sovereign

Right in the absence of a camera and the growing guilt of not having blogged for bloody ages, I'm going to start writing reviews of local places. 

The boy and I decided a while back that we would start sampling some of the roasts Brighton has to offer, and so far we haven't been (overly) disappointed.  Also Phee and I thought that, rather than saying 'oh that looks like a nice place, we should go for a drink there one day' we would actually go for a drink in some of the multitude of decent pubs in Brighton. So with out further ado here's the first instalment.

Located on Preston Street (sort of between Brighton and Hove) The Sovereign doesn't look like much. In fact, to be honest, it looks like an old boys boozer (not the good kind) surrounded as it is by dilapidated corner shops and kebabies. However once through the door your’e greeted with wooden floors, walls painted in a charming French gray-green, and tables that wouldn't look out of place in some trendy Portobello Road Cafe.

They allow reservations for half the tables and keep the other free for walk-ins (like ourselves). We had attempted to book but alas all bookables were taken, however we were told that their busiest times were between 1-3pm, there after all was good providing the roasts hadn't run out!

On entering we saw a good mix of couples and families (dogs and kids welcome) all enjoying some pretty buff looking roasts. Not only was there a table going spare, but they were fully stocked with all roasts (they do quite a variety) and were led to said table by a bright young thing (friendly and efficient!).

I opted for the chicken (billed as baby on the menu but believe me when I tell you this was no chick), whilst the boy went for the lamb. We were given just enough time to enjoy a pre-roast bevvy and, having gawped at everyone else enjoying their food, we were nicely peckish and eagerly awaited the arrival of our own.

The sovereign are not shy when it comes to portions in the meat department. I had (literally) half a chicken on my plate surrounded by roasted butternut squash, crispy parsnip, broccoli, red cabbage, and something mashed and tasty, with a little yorkie pud to finish it off. Though the subtitles of garlic and honey passed unnoticed by myself, but the meat was cooked to perfection and there was something to please even picky chicken eaters (breast, thigh, wing etc).
Salt, pepper, and a good combo of condiments were provided, and the bar staff were more than happy to suggest good boozing accompaniments. They have recently updated their wine list and though, to the dismay of the boy, they didn't have any Malbec, they did have a plentiful variety of others to choose from.

The atmosphere was relaxed but lively, and a good mix of people; from 30 somethings complete with skateboards, to mums and bubs. My one criticism, and I'm embarrassed to admit this, was that the music was too loud. I don't doubt that had we mentioned this it would have been turned down a bit but, as I said, I didn't really feel it was socially acceptable to mention this (what with me being only 24 and all).

All in all a proper good roast that I thoroughly recommend to any discerning Sunday Lunch goer. I have been informed since that we should have gone for the Pork, something of a Sovereign specialty. As a nod to pig based eating we did get a side dish of crackling which was immense.

Go. Eat. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 Bucket List

2011 is dead. Long live 2012.

So last week saw the end of 2011, and a bit of soul searching on my part has thrown up a few things I'd like to put in place for the new year.

But first a little look back at times gone by...

Top of my to do list is purchasing a DSLR, blogging without a camera is pants plus I have wanted one for about 5 years so I think its OK to splash out and get one. As soon as I do I plan to update the look of my blog a bit.

In March I started this blog. This was one idea I had for a title illustration. A blog revamp is on my to do list for 2012 so watch this space...

In April my lovely parents got married. Phee's sister Flora made these beautiful invitations.

I am considering getting a fringe again. I like it here where its sort of grown out. What do you reckon?
Fringe inspiration.

In May I started a new job, as you can see I work very hard.
Though I love my job now it meant leaving Monty's and all the tasty chocolate.

I can't believe it was warm enough to sit on the beach! really looking forward to Summer picnics.
One of my NY resolutions is to make more time for old friends.
Another is to learn to skateboard.
A third is to go on holiday with Phee. We are thinking of Amsterdam and France.
Also on the to do list is spending more time with each other, and enjoying Brighton.
One of the most exciting events of 2011 was moving house. We moved in at the end of September and are very much enjoying our new surroundings.
Hope every one had a fab festive season and a smashing new year! xXx