Sunday, 4 December 2011

Uncle Sam's Braces

I preface this post by saying that Brighton is 'supposedly' a hub of individuality where, in theory, people feel able to look and act the way they like. On the strength of this I donned my-faux- Henry Holland tights with joy. Imitations they may be but they are not so cheap and tacky as to warrant the dirty looks thrown their way on my walk into'd think I had done something terrible!
Shirt, River Island. Cardi, TopShop, £20. Shorts, TopShop (customized). Tights, NewLook, £4.99. Shoes, Primark.
Popped on a bit of ACDC- forgotten musical friend of my youth.
OK so maybe I look a little risque with my coat on... but still!
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend- off in search of a hearty roast now- back soon xXx

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