Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Florist.

I didn't expect to be writing another review so soon but owing to circumstances out of our control (Yes ODEON Brighton 10 o'clock mid week is the perfect show time) Phee and I found ourselves with an evening to spare.

The Florist has been on our list (see previous posts) for a while and I have to say it didn't disappoint. First off they were playing Imogen Heap (I forget which song but it was one of her more up-beat ones) which is pretty near perfect for Wednesday evening boozing.

The pub is a sort of L shape with one bit raised above the other which was nice as sitting on the higher level you feel cozy and tucked out of the way from the main room where the bar is.

A plentiful supply of board games, and a few comfy chairs lends an informal air to the place as does the liberal sprinkling of fairy lights. I think, though don't quote me on it, I saw varnished wooden floor boards (always a plus).

The atmosphere was relaxed, if a little quite (though it was Wednesday night). There was a nice mix of people too; a couple of old boys in corduroy nursing pints to blokes in hoodies discussing graphic design. Things got busier later in the eve with groups of 20 somethings having a lovely time (and playing a few of the board games) which was nice.

Not being a connoisseur, I can't comment on the quality of ale but generally speaking, corduroy wearing gentlemen of a certain age (see above) are quite discerning when it comes to these things so we shall have to trust their judgment. Phee and I had G&Ts which were spot on (and they have special offers on doubles on Wednesdays) served to us by a very sweet, and slightly bumbling young man.

Sadly The Florist doesn't serve food, only bar snacks (the usual fair). This is a real shame as they have the space and its a nice place to unwind post work that would definitely benefit from serving some more substantial grub. Having said this I read one review that said they serve Pizzas...

My advice: pop in for a tipple on your way to somewhere else (pre-dinner perhaps- its not really a lets-get-shit-faced-then-go-clubbing kind of scene), or relax with a drink or two on your way back from work.

Oh and a final note: its probably one for the girls or couples- the fairy lights are wasted on anyone else!



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    1. It's on Upper North Street. If you cut up from NewLook its pretty much just on the corner. let em know what you make of it :)


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