Thursday, 29 March 2012

Up On The Roof

G'day Lovelies,

First things first, I write to you whilst sunning myself on our rather splendid roof! Yes Spring is here and if its anything like last year I fully intend to make the most of it while it lasts. Last year we had hot early on then miserableness until one insanely bakin' October weekend. Oh yes haven't you hear? Spring is the new Summer. In England at least.
Up On The Roof.
 I have purchased myself some rather fetching pink jeans (don't judge until you have seen them). I wanted to post a picture but I was so over excited about them I wore them to death and they now need washing. Regular followers will know that the lack of washing machine in the Penthouse means a fair amount of effort to get clothes sparkling so you shall have to wait.

In other news I am the voice of a new app. Its due to launch sometime this week but Apple are being bores so it may be some time before it goes live. Again, I shall post a link once its up and running. Hearing my own voice makes me cringe a bit but Phee saw the rough version and assures me its not too bad. watch this space...

My Mother pointed me in the direction of a fantastic blog called Vagenda which is, quite simply, amazing. If you haven't already stumble across this gem go have a read now. On a similar note have you read Catlin Moran's How To Be A Woman? Ma got it for my sister for Christmas and it very quickly did the rounds of all the women in my family. It is hilarious. So if you haven't read it yet go get your hands on a copy tout suite, it won't disappoint.

Theme tune to my life right now: The Drifters, Up On The Roof


  1. voice of an app eh? could this be the first step on the rout to stardom!?

  2. Ha- yeah something like that. Stephen Fry eat your heart out! x


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