Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Avec Plaisir

Got a bit carried away with the fruit and veg.
Over excitement on the first afternoon of sunshine resulted in a lobster sheen and enforced donning of the 'modesty shroud'.

A bit of gardening.

My Father getting into old age.

This is actual the bathroom shelves. The fam. thought I was mad, taking a camera to the loo with me.

My Lovely baby brother, owning the red neck look.

My sister looking bronzed.

My lovely Mum and gorgeous baby brother (who got up at 2am to drive us all to the airport, then drove me back home, at gone midnight, when we arrived back in England- bless his cottons!)

Relaxing in the pool. This lilo later popped in a loud of white powder following my brother and fathers abuse of it ( if you ever watched gladiators in the late 90s you will be able to imagine the beating it took).

My brother got a bit bored, and needed entertaining.
I kindly consented to play a game with him (which I won I might add)...

Yes I am wearing hoody- see below for the explanation.
My victory backfired on me, and I got a dunking.
The only way to avoid this is to wear his clothes (see above).

Post undignified dunking.

Sunflowers- my fave flowers in all the world. Ever year the french have a subsidy crop (its usually Sunflowers of rape seed which means there are swathes of yellow all over the countryside). 

The little building on the righthand side was made by my own fair hand (with rather a lot of fatherly input of course).

The correct way to enjoy pool side living. Madre and I Pedicuring. 

The Walnut tree- a fave climbing tree when we were younger.

the wild bit of the garden.

Went for what I thought would be a romantically idyllic wander through the sunflowers. it was not- I got scared of bees and snakes and lots of soil in my shoes. but I think the photos look nice. 
Genuinely the tastiest cake in the universe! 

More boozing

More boozing

Even more boozing

There was lots of boozing

I thought these were fabulous photos that really caught the mood. I then viewed them in the morning (post boozing) and realized They were shite, but meh they sort of convey the feeling of the eve. 

All together now- last photo of the weekend.

Went for a crisp white shirt dress (in the hope of boosting my tan)

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and, if it was there, enjoyed the sun!



  1. oh my god, i am very jealous! looks so stunning.
    and i wish i had a tan as good as yours!!

  2. it was a bloody marvelous weekend, just the ticket! I didn't really appreciate it when I was living there- fool that I was. xx


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