Thursday, 16 June 2011

Romanov Inspiration.

I watched Anastasia last night, on Phee's recommendation. It reminded me that I used to be fascinated by the Romanovs when I was younger. In fact russia in general caught my attention. There just seemed to be something mystical about it. To my mind at least, Russia was a sort of Narnia; all glittering snow, fairytales, ballets, and sparkling baubles.

Taking my lead from the Romanovs, I donned the nautical stripes...
Vest, Marks and Spencer, 3 for £10
Cardi, Primark
Pegs, H&M
Socks, Primark, £1
Shoes, Tap Shoes (sans taps)
The Romanov Children.

In hindsight I think it all went to my head a bit. Is there is such a thing as too nautical?! got rinsed at work, not to mention the heckling I got on my walk there. 


  1. I don't think that's too nautical at all! Great outfit :) I really want that cardigan now.. Was it a recent Primark purchase by any chance?

  2. Aw that's such a cute outfit! Not too nauticual! I love Anastasia. :]

  3. I LOVE that you wore tap shoes as everyday footwear. I might take the taps off my spare pair and do the same! Also, are those Primark two-tone brogues in the later pic? I think I have the same ones!

    I'm glad you left me a comment on Bette on Toast today - I might not have discovered your lovely blog otherwise!

  4. Yes they are- well spotted that I changed the footwear (thought I'd got away with it).

    Oh yes you should, they are so classic looking and much cheaper than vintage, or faux vintage ones.

    thank you :) love yours makes me smile every time you post. x


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