Monday, 8 August 2011


Finally got round to watching Ponyo last night- I love it! It's more child friendly than a lot of other Studio Ghibli stuff, but that all adds to the charm of it. Princess Mononoke remains a firm favorite but Ponyo is definitely worth a watch if you haven't already seen it.

The animation is beautiful, so much time and effort has gone into creating the film. A lot of the scenes look a bit like water colours, but with a magical twist.
   Yes the Panther is back! H&M. CArdi, H&M. Shorts, Jeans West with the legs cut off. Trainers, Dunlop, $2.50                       Sticking to my guns re: dressing to suit me I have stuck with jeans and trainers and I'm loving it! 

Jumper, Topshop. Jeans, Topshop, Trainers, Nike.
Add the specs.
 More geek than chic?...
Inspired by Ponyo, I had Sushi for lunch today, courtesy of Andy- who is a Sushi baron. This was a rare treat, usually he says he doesn't want to see/smell/taste anything sushi related off the clock. Which is a shame as I love it!

Love to all xXx

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