Friday, 5 August 2011


"Yeah, but can I climb a tree in it?"

My mother used to despair at my lack of interest in dresses, and my love of the wellington boot (worn at all times). My must have items read as follows: hideous tracksuit bottoms, giant t-shirts, and of course the aforementioned wellies.
Yeah it was a good look...
My fashion choices were mostly dictated by my tubby stature (I didn't look like a little princess so what was the point in dressing like one?). Add to this the fact that riding bikes and climbing trees ranked high on my to do list, and you can understand my aversion to delicate fabrics in pastel hues.

Dessert boots (how fashion forward of me). The fact remains however that a dress would have inhibited my bike riding ability. A skunk shaped horn on the other hand...
A rare moment caught on camera. I think I had been told to smile.
Even now, in my mid twenties, I gravitate towards practical items of clothing. Whilst I appreciate its nice to wear something that makes you feel feminine, I am haunted by the mantra 'Can I climb a tree in this?'. I like to leave the house feeling like I can take on the world. Obviously I'm not out climbing trees on a  regular basis, but its good to know I can if the occasion arises.

What a woman?! This is Patti McGee, the first female pro skater, affectionately referred to as the 'the first Betty'. The woman boards in peg legs with a beehive- she is awesomeness personified!

Peggy Turner- another great.
It is with joy that I notice that men's t-shirts are now in vogue! Yes that's right giant shapeless tops are the order of the day, and I fully intend to revel in them. I am also going to get my paws on a board and take to the streets, climb trees with reckless abandon and generally have a good time.

Have a good weekend xXx


  1. Those pictures are way too cute. We dressed/looked a lot alike when we were little! In that first one you are pretty much making the face I always wore. haha Thumb sucking included! :) In the past few years I got really into dresses & skirts, pretty much since starting an office job and having a reason to dress up for work. I've been getting back into the casual/boyish looks though as of late. I'm jonesing for some really nice trousers for my fall wardrobe- perfect for apple picking and hikes through the woods!

  2. Very cute! :) You have a really nice blog!


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