Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A week in the sun

Hello Loves!

I have been away visiting my parents in La Belle France. It was gorgeous and sunny and relaxing and full of pastries- basically everything a holiday should be.

Me Pa is currently in the process of fixing the barn roof (a gigantic undertaking) so it was all hands on deck to get it cleared out and make room for the scaffolding.
Travel in style, as per.
Burning 200 odd years of barn detritus.
Ma and I dressed for some hard, barn roof fixing, graft.

A collectors item apparently...

View from the back door.

Back in Blighty we headed to the pub for the quintessentially British tradition of Sunday roast, wine, and crosswords.

Keep your hands of our crosswords!
Novel wine glass holder.
In other news I have started my Graphics course and been given my first project- more on this to follow. The last week has also seen the birthdays of almost everyone I know! I painted this for my friend Elissa. In celebration of her 25 years on this planet.
Initial sketch

The, pretty much, finished article.

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