Monday, 1 October 2012

Good Fortune and Peaches.

Things have been so busy since I got back from France that I have rather neglected posting. I had my first graphic design lecture which I was going to post about, I will soon, but something rather lovely happened this week. Rather several lovely things happened...

For numerous reasons I find myself without a penny to my name, but on the receiving end of several acts of kindness and good fortune. On Friday night I helped a friend move house not only was I given a bevy of kitchen goods and a snowboard (a snowboard!) for my troubles but I had dinner (pizza and beer amongst the boxes) AND a whole bag of food, which was a life saver seeing as I had spent my entire food budget for the week on crumble ingredients the previous weekend and have been eating crumble for every meal ever since.

On Sunday I helped a woman who had dropped her shopping and she gave me a courgette THEN a bloke gave me 2 spuds- a free dinner (and lunch). THEN on my way home (happily anticipating a dinner that wasn't crumble) I found £1 outside the bookies at the end of our road. So all in all a pretty good end to the week.

Graphic Design post to follow...

P.S. my brother's girlfriend reckons this photo of Peache's Geldof looks a bit like me...

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  1. Hooray for little acts of kindness! & That picture does look like you!


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