Friday, 16 September 2011

Fresh and Bright with a Tipple.

An attempt to capture the beautiful cold, sunny and fresh feeling in Brighton at the mo.
Happy Feets!
Leisurely Lunch.
My life a the mo- Packing! Yes the bags are the same size as me. No idea how we will heft the bastards to the 5th floor...
And so it continues. Managed to 'have a fall' over all my stuff. where did it all come from?!

Went for a quick pint at the Dover Castle with Nat. (Shes 1/2 French, can you tell?...)


  1. hehehe thats my college with the 'senior girls' on the side. I always look at that when i go past!
    oh packing is haard!

  2. Argh, how do you look so nice in a basic jeans and cardi? I always feel nondescript if I'm not wearing something ridiculous... I don't think 'casual' suits me! Good luck with the move - I'm excited to see your new abode!

  3. ughhh I hate packing! where's does she come from in France? I'm half french too! haha! I miss starbucks!
    Poppy xx

  4. Packing is SO hard- there always seem to be more than you remember. Where does it all come from?

    Aw Bette thank you. I love your style, always envious of people who ware stylish lovely outfits. I am hopelessly practical. Can't wait to get into our new pad. We have christened it 'the Penthouse' (but don't read too much into that name, its more than a little sarcastic...)

    I am half Welsh, not nearly so romantic as being half French. Paris I believe.


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