Sunday, 18 September 2011

Plastic Fantastic.

Got the disposable placcy camera developed the other day and, as promised, here is a lovely photo glut. Can't remember when I got it- August maybe? Well it was hot enough to wear shorts and t-shirts so I'm going to hazard a guess at August, with a cheeky bit of September for good measure.

Baking Cookies.
The 'fruits' of our labors.
Boozy Beach Days.
Yes another photo of the old pier.

Fish, Chips, Mushy Peas, and Summer Beer.

The Classics Crew.

Sunday Afternoon

Can't believe it was this hot!
Seem to be forever in the kitchen. Whats that about?!
These last two remind me of the photos you find of your parents. Little bit 70s perhaps?...


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  1. haha you're right, those last two photes definitely look off of My Parents Were Awesome or something. So adorable! I really want to get a disposable... the pictures always make me nostalgic for the days when that's all I used. :]


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