Thursday, 1 September 2011

Mathmatical Dressing

Hello Lovelies,

Those of you who follow Phee's blog will already know that we are soon to depart Grimmauld Place for pastures new. In our case Hove, to a flat, affectionately referred to as 'The Penthouse'. Obviously this is extremely exciting. It is also a little daunting, aside from the general nause of paper work and what not, there is the added rent to adjust to. So the purse strings are firmly tied this month (and look set to remain so for the next couple of months).

Illustration by Nicola L Robinson.
 With this in mind it was with great pleasure that I noted several bright young things wearing leggings, whilst I was in the Big Smoke the other day. Even better most of them were dressed for business (notoriously expensive) in leggings simple dresses, and jackets. Grey, Black, and Navy were the order of the day. I reckon Burgundy and Green would work well too, and you can never go wrong with good old Camel. Admittedly shoes and jackets/coats can be pricey but are well worth the investment if you choose wisely.
Leggings £5.99
Vest £3.99
Racer-back Dress £5.99
Jacket, Topshop £99 (Not cheap but I bought it when I was about 16 and its still going strong)
Boots, Hush Puppies £30
So: Leggings £5.99 + Dress £5.99 + Vest £3.99 X 4 outfits - Shoes/Jacket = 4 outfits for £6.49 per outfit. Not too shabby. I try and buy boots early (or late depending on how you look at it) to pick up a bargain whilst they're out of season.And shop around, things are usually cheaper on-line.

Pretty relaxed look today, as I am in the office all day. Another brilliant thing about the leggings look, is that it can be dressed up & down.

Still sans camera so apologies for the rubbish quality of the snaps. Took a few to give you a rough idea of the whole outfit.
Leggings, Topshop,Vest (masquerading as a dress), H&M, £3.99
Am trying to grow my hair out but at the mo its that annoying 'no-length' length.
I wanted to wear ballet pumps and a pretty cardi, but the cold made me opt for a hoody. Can't remember how much it was, but its an H&M purchase so I reckon around £10 max.

Another money saving tip is to buy items that can be worn with your existing wardrobe. I know this seems obvious but its so easy, when faced with beautiful things, to go a bit wild and splash out only to find you have bought something you can't easily wear without buying more!

I had forgotten how great Leggings/Shift dresses are! Comfy, versatile, and best of all Cheap as chips! H&M have a 'Basics' sale on at the mo- where pretty much everything in their 'Basics' range is around £3-£6.

Love to all xXx

P.S. I am off to Birmingham with work so Shan't be posting till next week. having said this lack of camera + old school film = less frequent posts anyway so perhaps no one will notice. On the topic the film roll is nearly used up so a lovely, picture full, post is in the offing.

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