Monday, 7 November 2011

Autumn #3

In post birthday high spirits I decided to purchase some boots. I figure its an investment- black, flat, leather boots are practically practical. Besides these called to my European sensibilities. 
Shirt, Topshop £7. Jacket, NewLook. Jeans, H&M, Boots, Office £70.
yes still no camera. Thought the jacket was a bit formal.
This is the beautiful jewelery tree Phee got me for my birthday, and a lovely bottle of Terre D'Hermes, a gift from my parents.
P.S. on the topic of boots I have my eyes on these beauties, what do you think? Feels a bit excessive to buy two pairs of shoes, plus it erks me to spend money on plastic footwear. Still I am sorely tempted...



  1. You made a great choice buying those boots! They look great on you :D

    Oh, and I love the H&M boots you have your eye on! They're perfect!

  2. That is the sexiest jewelry tree I have ever seen. :) I really, really like it. It certainly beats out the cork-board backdrop I built for my strands.


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