Friday, 11 November 2011

Boots or Brogues?

Following on from previous posts concerning boots, this is an outfit that I have always worn with brogues in the past. I tried it our with boots today (its cold by the sea). Not sure If I like the overall effect...
With Brogues...
With Boots...
All this leads me to think that I definitely need to get me some Chelsea boots. So the H&M ones are perhaps a tad pricey for plastic shoes but I found these which are real leather and only £10! Yes they are actual riding boots and a tad on the shiny side but for a tenner... I don't know! What do you reckon?



  1. I have my eye on those H&M boots for such a long time so there's no need for me to say that I love those ones! But the truth is that the other ones are much cheaper and I bet they're much better as well!

  2. I love it with the brogues ! x

  3. Aren't the gorgeous! I just wish they were leather even if it made them more pricey. Dang what to do?!

    Yeah brogues are good, sadly its getting a bit nippy for shoes- boots weather me thinks. X


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