Saturday, 12 November 2011

Impulsive, Expensive and Painful

Spent all day loitering about town with Phee, sipping on coffee, pre-Christmas Christmas shopping, and generally having a lovely time.

Also, sort of on a whim, I got my ear pierced! I say sort of because I have wanted to do it since c.2006 after seeing this (see below). Don't know why it took me so long. Popped into Punktured this morning and as 'luck' would have it they had an opening. Phee had to come in and hold my hand but I'm pleased I had it done.

Like children in a sweet shop. Fucking love Cathy K.



  1. Aaah I've been away from the blogosphere so long, it is good to be back and see the sweet little faces of you two! :] I like your ear piercing a lot, I have considered that off and on but I am so indecisive and also sort of a wimp. Also I have never been in a Cath Kidston store but it looks marvelous. I like looking at the online shop. xo

  2. Michal hello! Aw bless you, good to hear from you too.

    You should do it. I am a terrible wimp but its not that bad honest- just a bit crunchy and sore, but only for a second. X


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