Thursday, 30 August 2012

Autumn 2012 Wish List

After a lovely few weekends (with only a smattering of rain) it looks as if Autumn has arrived. I am really excited about this as autumn and winter as they are my favorite seasons. Already I have seen a million beautiful things. I find dressing for the cold much more interesting than dressing for Summer, there's much more to it and I prefer the colours involved.

To kick things off these are the shoes that are currently the objects of my desire. Sadly they are WAY out of my budget (£145!), it will probably be Spring before I can afford them.
They remind me of a pair Isabel Marant Dicker boots. I found a brilliant blog discussing ankle boots of this ilk that suggest some fabulous substitutes.

As for troose...
These Olive bad boys will set you back £38 (or £34.20 if you happen to have a student card to hand) and you can find them in Topshop. They look a little bit like a darker version of the Givenchy and at only a smidge of the designer price tag.

On to tops...
I am a sucker for a collar less shirt, you can find this one in the blokes section at Hennes for a mere £19.99. It comes in White too.

Jumpers! I reserve a special place in my heart for a really tasty woolen jumper. There are so many out there to be had but this one from Mango gets my vote. I have also seen a couple in Hennes (men's wear again) that look pretty cosy.
This one comes in various colours (including White and Mustard) and is currently in the sale at £9.99.

Also this Merino number from UniQlo, £19.90 in Dark Grey
Or this lambs wool one, also from UniQlo at a mere £14.90!

As for coats I am, as yet, undecided. I am tempted by the idea of a parka preferably with a sheepskin lining. Alternatively something Navy with buckles (old faithful).


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