Thursday, 9 August 2012


It has been a hectic few days, and the next few are set to follow the trend.

On Tuesday I cycled for 2.5 hours to purchase a wok in preparation for the date night Pad Thai. Saw some pretty bangin' views of the white cliffs.
the aforementioned wok.
Regular readers will have heard of Betty- the office hound. She has been staying at the Penthouse the last few days and in that time I have transformed into one of 'those' people. So, without further ado, here is a glut of dog related imagery.
Desperate for walks
Excitement on the beach.
Riding the open top bus on our way to the Downs (for MORE walks)
Mid-walk tipple at the Royal Oak
Never ending steps that went on and on...
...and on. I was told at the top by a well informed 7 year old that there were 154 steps (it felt like more).

The view from the top was pretty good.
The day started off really hot and sunny but then this strange sea mist set in and took over. Everything looked all Pirates Of The Caribbean and spooky. On the way home we saw this ship, mentally close to the old pier. It looked like a ghost ship but I have since been told that it was doing some 'buoy maintenance'. Much less exciting.
Look how close it is to the shore!
More walking. Phee and Betty.
Hope everyone is having a gorgeous week. Only one more day then its the weekend! Yippee!

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