Thursday, 16 August 2012

Kick Start!

My Grandma came to visit today and in true Grandmotherly style she showered me in wisdom and went to great lengths to ensure my continued health and well-being.
yes that is a Hawaiian shirt.
Health giving swag.
new running shoes!
Went for a jog with my new running shoes this evening. What a treat?! It was like running on springs I can't believe the difference. I had my feet 'analyzed' on this thermo stuff, apparently I have 'neutral' feets... I also learned that you should get new trainers every 3-9 months, or more frequently if you run more than 3 times a week.

I also got round to getting a rail card (finally). My have things changed since the last time I used a photo booth! It tells you to do all the usual stuff 'place head in frame', 'adjust seat' etc etc then it says: 'Do NOT smile'!!! Can you believe it?! what if your natural face is smiling? total rubbish! I smiled anyway. Fuck you Photo-Me photo booth!


  1. ha ha you can say 'fuck you' to the photo booth all you like but when you have to get a new passport and they keep sending it back because of those lovely pearly whites peeping through, then you'll be sorry!
    x x x

  2. Flora My darling, you make a good point. However I feel people ought to start making a stand against this standardized, uniform, miserableness that seem to be prevalent at the mo. One Smile At A Time! (akin to the Pastafarian movement) x if you're unfamilair with Pastafarianism check this out.

  3. hahaha i love that they blame global warming on a lack of pirates!


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