Thursday, 2 August 2012

Its August

Hello Loves,

Phee and I went out to Giggling Squid last night for date night, and enjoyed a rather tasty Pad Thai.
Check out that beetroot flower!
We try and do date night 2 nights a month, 1 night in and 1 out. Its mad that when you live with someone, and see them every day, so often you don't make the effort to actually see them. ANYWAY next date night is Wednesday and I was going to make Pad Thai. however, having seen the 'real' thing, it suddenly seems a more daunting task. Will keep you all posted.

The Lion & Lobster

Outdoor fire at The Lion & Lob.
This is the pub I have been meaning to do a roast review about. its a really cool little pub- sort of feels like a pirate ship tardis inside with windy staircases and surprise decks and all sorts AND, most importantly, their roasts are delicious. Sadly I have left it too long to write a proper review but I do remember this: their gravy is AMAZING! Obviously I will have to go back for a second sampling.
Chalk & Cheese are a bangin' combo!
This photo pretty much sums up the difference between Phee and I. The convict feet are mine, the sparkly necklace is Phee's...
Went all Burton on the drawing front. Love his stuff.
Finally I found this wonderful Tumblr the other night, check it out its well worth a look. I keep meaning to try and draw clothes, but I don't seem to be that good at it, which is a shame as I would love to draw like this guy.

Having started with food, I shall end on it too. Here's what I had for lunch today (because you're all just dying to know)- almost healthy!
Smoked salmon, felafel, radishes, tomatoes, beetroot salad, tzatziki and CRISPS!
See you on the flip side!


  1. What a brilliant name for a restaurant!

  2. and they are so lovely in there too, plus the food is DELICIOUS!if you're ever in town check it out :)


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