Thursday, 17 March 2011

Paper Dolls and Pingaly Goodness

Inspired by my delightful best friend and flatmate, the infinitely creative Phee (author of phoebe does), I have decided to start my very own blog.  

I am not entirely sure what it will cover just yet. Not being the aforementioned powerhouse of artistic skill, it will most likely become the receptical of various rambles and rants, with hopefully a handful of insightful musings, and a generous sprinkle of snapshots (probably of pingaly, pretty things with no practical application what so ever) thrown in for good measure. 

To get the ball rolling here are a few snaps:

These are just a few bits and bobs collected form the masses of similar items that adorn our little house. The Tea towel was a Christmas gift from Madre, as were the paper dolls. The flowers were an impulse buy (an ongoing mission to 'brighten up the place'). The book is a collection of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, each story is illustrated with a paper cutting, which brings me to the notebook (another gift from Mother) by Rob Ryan. He is my favourite artist, his blog can be found here. He makes all these fantastic cut out images accompanied by cut-out messages. He is an absolute genius, and I read somewhere that he used to holiday in my old stomping ground- Bexhill!

This was a Christmas present from a few years back. Its actually a tea towel (thrifty Madre), it makes quite a convincing 'print'.

This is For You is a really sweet book by Rob Ryan, it tells the story of a man looking for comfort and love. The whole story is told in paper cuttings.

And Finally:

Phee is not the only creative Pettitt- her little sister, Flora, made this invitation for my parents wedding, which is this April! 


One of my own.

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