Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Suits Out to Play

So not quite everything made it back into the Asos returns box... I fell in love with the polka dot Dahlia playsuit, still a contender in the wedding dress runnings, and decided to keep it.

Phee and I had a rare simultaneous day off today, so I donned said playsuit and took it for a whirl. 

After a tedious queue in the Post Office (complete with huffing oldies and incompetent jobs worths), a painful Council tax payout, and a distressing situation, involving chocolate yoghurt and (almost definitely) a crack addict, we headed into town in search of a nice place to take some photos, and some much needed retail therapy.
Spring may have sprung,
but its not warm enough to discard the trusty old coat just yet

Indulging in my filthy habit
Shiny Tights!

Some pretty things we saw on the way.


  1. You are so absolutely adorable! Your romper & your jacket are perfection. Good luck with your new blog venture! I'll be following along. ^_^


  2. Gosh, thank you! what a lovely first comment, very exciting x


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