Sunday, 27 March 2011

Something for the Weekend

Work again today, so not really worth an outfit update. Instead I thought I'd do a challenge... I found this 30 day challenge on-line, listing 30 things to blog about. However 30 days is a long time so I have picked my favourite things of the list so here goes:

1. Whats in your bag?

Money, Phone, & Keys (vital check list before leaving the house)
i-pod- loaded up with Buena Vista Social Club, and Harry Potter audio books (incase of long waits, and missions  about town).
Juicy Fruit- I am an addict, an attempt to give up smoking
Cigarettes- Juicy Fruit is good, but not that good.
Sunnies, on the off chance the lovely weather returns...
Paracetamol- left over from yesterdays hangover.
Lolita Lempicka Solid Parfume.
The Bag it's self used to belong to my Grandmother, she kept her metal polishing accoutrements (for keeping the church brass gleaming) in it. (shameful waste of a beautiful bag).

2. A photo of your mobile.

Yes yes ancient I know, but hey a phones a phone and this one does the trick. It's also pay-as-you-go... I am quite possibly one of the few people, over 16, who still has a pay-as-you-go phone.

3. Whats in your make-up bag?

Firstly, I am an avid fan of Cath Kidston, any excuse to buy another floralled bag of loveliness is seized with relish. This make-up bag is one of a worryingly large array. within it you will find:

No. 7 Colour Intelligent Foundation, Light, Boots
MAC Studio Finish Concealer, NW20, MAC 
Clinique Blusher, Innocent Peach, Clinique
Rimmel 'EXAGGERATE' waterproof Eye Definer, 26 Noir, Boots 
Natural Collection 'LashLength Mascara', Black, Boots
Rimmel 'EXAGGERATE' Full Colour Lip Definer, 024 Red Diva, Boots
MAC Matte Lipstick, Russian Red, MAC
A trusty pot of pocket size Vaseline, Aloe Vera, Superdrug
4. A Photo of you in a foreign Country

This was taken in Greece, about a year ago, during my student days. Loving the 'practical boots' haha, the perfect foot ware for archaeology. 
5. A Song to Match Your Mood.

Moi Je Joue by the marvelous Brigitte Bardot.  The perfect get happy tune! Soundtrack to my life.

Also, Walk Like an Egyptian, because you can't beat a bit of bangles. This shall be the Sound of Summer.
6. A Picture of your Home

Opted for a photo of the old family home, no one want's to see a photo of Grimmauld Place, and besides House and Home are two very different things. Plus this one shoes my old car, a Renault Express Van- genius little car, I miss it dearly but it wouldn't be allowed on the roads over here.

7. A Photo of you 2 Years Ago.

Keeping with the student theme, heres an old one of me at University, I think it was taken around this time of year, 2009.

8. Something You Have Made

This is a Birthday card I made for my friend Jo, she dances (obviously).

9. A Self Portrait

Well here are a couple of attempts to draw myself, I stopped in the end as it became a tad narccissistic.

10. Your Favourite Film

Has to be The Dreamers, starring one of my favourite actresses; Eva Green. So I only made it as far as 10, and its not really the weekend any more but hey ho. 

Love love xxxx


  1. What a lovely post! The Dreamers is a great great film!

  2. Thank you. Isn't it just?! Whenever I visit the Louvre I'm tempted to try and beat the record :) x

  3. Royal Holloway?

    And *hello*, I've been on a "new blogs to red" search and I found yours!


  4. Haha yes indeed!

    Hello, welcome to my blog. Had a quick shufty at yours- the banana bread looks delicious. I may have to attempt my own. x


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