Friday, 18 March 2011

Turn Ups & Wet Toes

I wanted to do a post about the beautiful Spring weather, with some photos of all the Daffodils that have appeared recently. however, this being England, and England by the sea at that, the weather didn't cooperate.

No matter! The morning brought an unexpected, and very welcome, surprise in the form of a tax rebate. No idea what it's all about, but who am I to argue with the bureaucrates? So I popped into town and purchased myself to a few treats...

  1. Bunny Rabbit over-sized crop, H&M, £7.99
  2. Pale Yellow, crew neck long sleeve jumper, Primark, £3.90
  3. Striped, crew neck long sleeve top, H&M, £7.99
  1. A nice big Summer bag, Primark, £8 (if it ever stops raining!)
  2. Sailor cardigan (front & back), Primark, £10
  3. Canvas & 'Leather' Brogues, Primark, £8
Put it all together.
Basic stud earrings, H&M, £1.99
Bits & Bobs to Jazz up my eyes!
(if Phee & I ever make it out of the house)
Bought a few buttons to customise the Primark number, 
I'll let you know how it goes, watch this space...

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