Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hi Tops

I managed to get my hands on a pair of Black suede Nike Blazers this weekend!

Regular followers will know that I have been lusting after these beauts for some time and, after being told by several shops that not a single pair was available in my size in the whole of Europe, my hopes of finding a pair were not high. Having purchased a pair I am now unsure how to wear them...

My main beef is that I don't have legs that go on till next week. The beloved hi tops do have a tendency to cut off your leg at a point that makes it look a bit chunky. This is how I'm wearing them today with stone wash jeans, a loose fit black top, and of course the fabled hi-tops.
Top, H&M, £6.99. Jeans, H&M, c.£9.99. Shoes, Nike, £66.99.
 How do you wear yours?



  1. I've been lusting over nike blazers for sososos long now, i wanted the black ones but my boyfriend has them and didnt wanna match hahah so i tried on a grey low pair cause the high top ones weren't in my size
    never ending up buying them and now im kicking myself
    you've teamed them well, they look great with those jeans

    1. Thanks love, the jeans earned me a certain amount of ridicule at work.

      Sod the boyf, if they look hot on you get a pair tout suite!

      Alternatively have you seen the Nike Mavericks? they're pretty sweet, lower top and a bit more trainer-like with the added bonus that they haven't been snapped up by all the Brighton trendies :)


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