Sunday, 17 June 2012

No. 2

Doing a drawing everyday is such fun! In fact I spent almost the whole day yesterday doodling, and here are the results.

'Natalie' June 2012

'Phoebe' June 2012

'Phoebe.1' June 2012
I can't see any personal 'style' yet, this is something I'm hoping will develop with time. I have heard conflicting opinions on style. Some say that not having one makes you more adaptable and means that prospective clients can imagine you doing their style more easily. Others argue that you are taken on based on our style. Personally I like it when somebodies work has a distinctive 'look' to it.

A good example of this Quentin Blake, one glance is all it takes to identify his work. Another is Scott. C, whose work I first came across on Tumblr. He did a series called 'The Great Showdowns' where he drew scenes and characters from films. I really like the way his style is consistent throughout despite the different movies he is depicting.

Quentin Blake. Illustration.


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