Friday, 15 June 2012

No. 1

Hello hello!

A few months back I applied to do a Graphic Design course, and the other day  received a letter inviting me for an interview this Thursday!

The guys at work helped me cobble together a portfolio, and I have just about saved up enough money to do it so I'm pretty much set to go. With any luck I will be starting in September.

I find the more I draw the easier it becomes and the more ideas I have so to get my hand back in practice I have set myself the challenge of doing a drawing a day until the start of the course. I have set up a tumblr account to post them all on and when I figure out how to link twitter to it they should pop up there too. take a look and let me know what you think. better still if you have any ideas for mini projects let me know I'm keen to try out as much stuff as I can!


'Hally' June 2012

This is my brother's girlfriend Hally, who very kindly consented to being my muse for the first installment. It doesn't really do her justice- hopefully I'll get a chance to draw her again when I'm more in the swing of things.


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