Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Shopping

I was working up in London last week and the hecticness of the Big Smoke has tired me out so this weekend I thought I'd take it really easy and relax. I ventured into town in search of a pink round neck cardigan I have wanted for ages. I've seen said cardigan on the Mango website but alas they have sold out in my size so I was hoping to find something similar. No joy. HOWEVER...

In typical shopping style I returned from town with multiple items none of which were cardigan based.

The fruits of my labor: 3 bottles of nail varnish, a lip stain, & 3 new pens.
Is it sad that I m so excited by new pens? most probably but I managed to find super fine one (0.05) which will be perfect for drawing the details on faces.

The nail varnishes were a bit of an impulse buy. A friend of mine has was wearing the orange one the other day and it looked fantastic. Similarly I have been reliably informed that applying a base and top coat make all the difference... after parting with £6.49 for the pleasure I bloody hope it does.

I fear the range will not look as lovely on me as it did on Hally. She is all exotic looking with long dark hair and dark skin, on her it looked sophisticated and fun, Where as I am distinctly European looking and I fear I will look more student in Faleraki. Still I plan to splash neon brilliance all over my nails and live in hope of sophisticated fun.



  1. pens are literally the best thing in life, you should try MUJI fine liners in 0.5 and 0.38, seriously, I bought one and now never use anything else! it's like an addiction and slightly annoying because I have to go to London for my next fix each time they run out x x x

    (now if that's not sad I don't know what is!)

    1. No shame- skinny pens beat skinny jeans hands down! I will have to check out MUJI, the perfect excuse for a trip to London. Maybe when Phee and I visit you at uni we can go on a brio shopping mission... any uni news? xxx

    2. yay day trips to harrow! westminster have been odly quiet of late i think they might not like me because i didn't go to the degree runway show i was invited to!

    3. Well up for that! Fuck 'em any uni will be lucky to have you, you don't have to dance to their tune xXx


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