Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fringe Glyph Code

Phee put me onto Fringe, a great show incidentally, that I was totally unaware of until last week. It turns out its been in the mix since 2008 so now there's a good stock of progs. to watch- don't you love it when that happens?!

In every show there are a number of glyphs and I got to thinking, especially in light of the sort of show it is, that these might be more than casual decoration. A bit of internet surfing confirmed my suspicions. Apparently each glyph relates to a letter, or several letters, that spell out a word (usually connected with the episode in question. I love this sort of things- yes I am a geek.

Series 1 
Episode 1.
8 glyphs appear: Butterfly, Leaf, 6 Fingered hand, Apple, Frog, 6 Fingered hand, Apple, Frog.

The hand, Apple and Frog each appear 2ce- possibly they indicate the same letter, presumably at least one of them is a vowel...

Episode 2.
5 glyphs this time: Leaf, Frog, Apple, Flower, Apple.

The leaf, frog and apple all make an appearance again, the apple 2ce. so I'm going to take a chance and say that the apple is a vowel.

I noticed that the yellow dot that accompanies each glyph changes position in relation to the image. I am assuming that the dot denotes which letter is assigned to each letter when an image represents more than one letter. In this case the Apple; in the first instance the dot is on the lower left hand corner of the apple, in the next on the upper right.As its on the lower left in 3 of 4 instances I assume this is the vowel. As E is the most commonly used vowel I hazard a guess that an Apple with a dot on the lower right side is an E...

Right enough of this for now. Ill keep you posted if I come with anything new.


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