Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Hello Lovelies,

Hope your week is going well. As I mentioned in a previous post I have a new phone equipped with camera. I also downloaded Instagram and have been going mad snapping photos all over the shop and messing around with the various styles it has to offer.

Here's a few photos of my day:

Indulging in my love of salmon.

An Orange Poppy! I have never seen an orange one before... it looks yellow thanks to the instagram.

Cheese Melts, my latest addiction.
Beach Huts on Brighton Beach.
Evidence that people are actually considering swimming!
Evidence that Brighton & Hove County Council are kill joys.
What I'm reading at the mo.
I enrolled on my graphics course yesterday and, after handing over the hefty enrollment fee (which really takes the piss), I thought it was a bout time I started doing some drawing. Its my friends birthday this weekend so I thought I'd draw her a card.
Getting my creative groove on.
The (almost) finished article. Got the acrylic paint involved to spice things up a bit.


  1. The Brighton and Hove Council are not only spoilsports but also thinking that people might be mad... And that they have to prevent them from doing stupid things.... By placing "no cycling" thingies next to stairs.... There is at least one on a stairs going down from Marine Parade to the seafront... Which gives me a good laugh every time I see it!

    The card for your friend is lovely! I'm sure she'll like it! And you safed some pounds for an expensive card after you had to pay the fee...

    1. Too true- this is where all our taxes are going?! Madness!

      Thank you, I hope so. Ha yeah everyone's cards will be home made for the ext couple of years I think...

  2. What the smeg is a groyne?! :oD

    I like nosy-parker snapshots blog posts like this. Do you mind if I follow you on instagram?


    1. Groyne is the amusingly named term for the bit of concrete that sticks out into the sea- something to do with shore line erosion I think...

      Oh yes please do! Im new to it so a tad trigger happy at the mo :) x


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