Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I've got my drawing mojo back! and have put it to fabulous use doodling, believe it or not, a business plan that Phee and I came up with a couple of weeks ago (after one too many glasses of wine no doubt).

Its called Nutology- its the dating sensation that's sweeping the nation. The idea is simple:
Step 1. Determine which nut type you are.
Step 2. Identify your ideal nut partner.
Step 3. Determine your nut compatibility.
Step 4. Fall in love and have a wonderful life.

Here's a helpful guide to aid you in your search for love.
Nutology: A guide to true Love.
 These are just a few examples, as you can see there are other types; the right nut for you is just around the corner...
 More nuts to follow!


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