Sunday, 15 July 2012


Have a had a rather busy weekend this week. Several of my friends are going traveling and it was another friends birthday so we had a bit of a bash. The theme for the evening was peculiar and it certainly was, not least because it was pissing it down in July!
Liberal amounts of bunting...
and fairy lights.
Amongst the peculiarities were
A door to Nowhere...
A stained glass window made from cloth...
a flying bike...
and a pizza oven to keep us going in all that rain!
 As the boy and I had come pretty much straight from work we weren't well equipped for looking peculiar. As 'luck' would have it almost everyone we know has to wear hard hats and high vis jackets to work...
We spent the remainder of the weekend recuperating, including cooking and eating the old cure all- The Sunday Roast (with all the trimmings of course).
Hope you guys had a good one too!

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