Thursday, 12 July 2012

Post It People

I came across John Kenn's work a while ago and thought it was pretty jokes. The concept of drawing on post-it notes is such a simple one. Seeing as we spend so much time at work, and that at work post-its are in bountiful supply, I gave it a bash.

I was churning them out like a mad thing but here are a couple of the better ones:
'Post It People #2' July 2012
'Post It People #3' July 2012
I have been experimenting with drawing people form different angles. Almost all of the faces I draw are either straight on or looking down and slightly to the left. Profiles is something I really struggle with.
'Post It People #5' July 2012
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Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. I really do enjoy your little sketches! Keep them coming! :)


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