Wednesday, 20 July 2011

#2 Latitude: Festival of Hummus and Halloumi

I Had an amazing time at Latitude! There was shit loads of stuff going on. Managed to cram plenty in, and all in all it turned into a pretty manic weekend.

As you may have gathered from the title of this post, Latitude is a fairly middle class affair. Not once did I see a tent ablaze, surrounded by wild 'youffs', with Stella in hand. Neither were any of my clothes purloined. there was more than your average share of Cath Kidston wearing yummy mummies and a general family atmosphere prevailed throughout.

The site was divided into different themed arenas. We were based in Pandora's Playground that housed a collection interactive activity tents.

Setting up the tent.

The fabled portrait booth.

Finishing touches- post van ride form Brighton.

Hard a work.

Heard  couple of bands, The Foals, The Cribs, The Vaccines, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Paolo Nutini to name a few. Met some really interesting people, and a fair few famous faces. Mick did a portrait booth picture of Noel Fielding.

As we were performers we had back stage access which was sweet- though we didn't really make full use of our freedom roam. Mostly we just used the backstage bogs to avoid the cues.

The campsite vagrant who pitched up and promptly fell asleep in our gazebo.

As in previous years, Latitude's multi-coloured sheep were out in force. this year's offering were pastel coloured. They looked like woolly love hearts, merrily munching grass for the duration.

There was a mix of music on offer. As always happens at festivals, there were clashes when good bands were on at the same time (the old crowd control trick of crafty event organizers). We went to see cheery chappy Paolo Nutini, as you may be able to tell- he wasn't everyone's first choice...
Attempts to convince Charlie that happy music is good.

 Enjoying Paolo Nutini.
Charlie utilizing one of the few hillocks Suffolk.

Had some surreal experiences. Met Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith at a rave in the woods. Its strange seeing a familiar face, then realizing that you don't know the person at all.Then that you have been staring a them trying to place them and now look like a weirdo.

Site of crazy woodland raves-genius.

A little tipsy, in yet another woodland based stage.

Well good long weekend. Totally shattered. At the end of it all we piled into the van and started the long drive back to Brighton. Just in time too; somewhere around Clacton the heavens opened and the windscreens wipers worked double time all the way home.  

Yet to catch on the lost sleeps so I shall leave it there and clamber into bed. Night all!


  1. Oh my god couldn't be more jealous really! I so so soo wnted to go and i am so annoyed at myself for not :(
    my friend went and i can't face asking her how it was haha I would just be too jealous!
    omg i am loving the sheep!!

  2. Oh love, never mind there is always next year. Phee and I are going to Shakedown this September which has the added bonus of being just down the road so you can beautify then float around feeling clean and lovely- you should defo. go to that one! x

  3. Aww, I saw lovely Paolo last summer.


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