Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Picture Perfect Day

I had a day off today. I have been getting well into tweeting recently, so I thought I'd take a couple of snaps for twitter. A couple turned into a myriad, and a tweet into a post (Crikey, this almost sounds like an alien language!). So anyway here it is: my day in Photos...

Officially the tastiest drink ever.
Yes thats right, we have managed to accrue yet more cups for Grimmauld Place.
Note also the treat for later.

The perils of indoor outfit photography- backed into the mirror and very nearly broke it (7 years of bad luck, avoided!)

I was getting a bit fed up of looking at my room, and after the mirror fiasco decided to relocate to the kitchen.
Standard hair dilemma- up or down?....

went for down but things got messy in the meantime.

Dancing to Caro Emerald- The new soundtrack to my life. Best tracks are That Man, Riviera Life, and A Night Like This.
Phee & I had to go into town to pay the bastard Council Tax. so traumatised by this experience were we, that we had make a trip to H&M where I made a few accidental purchases.
Oversized T-shirt, H&M, £7.99
Not quite the red breton that I have been searching for but... It kind of reminds me of the stuff I wore as a kid, erring on the Bill & Ted era.
T-Shirt, H&M, £7.99
Woohoo wine time, and in coloured glasses to boot :)
Reggie popped in for some love (A.K.A he was in need of somewhere dry and warm to croissant himself during the rain).



  1. the t-shirt dress was a very good purchase, it looks bangin.
    oh Reggo, he looks so sweet, its a pity hes an aggressive bastard. xxx

  2. HAHAHA so true! the deceptive little shit x


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