Thursday, 21 July 2011

Pre Payday Splurge...

The post festival glow has definitely faded. I can feel the stress of real everyday life creeping back in, and I find myself reaching for the trusty old nicotine.

I love the fact that whilst camping you can literally wear what ever the hell you like and not feel remotely self conscious. That said, being perpetually surrounded by Shoreditch girls, with their tousled (clean-explain that one?!) hair, and perfect make-up, takes its toll. Whilst I reveled in the carefree festival atmosphere, I was acutely aware that my hand-me-down mac and manky old hat fell short of festival chic.

This feeling was compounded upon my return to Brighton- home of the pretentious and beautiful- So today I did a spot of shopping. This is why I have wanked on for so long; I am trying to justify today's rather large cash splurge.

Sod it! Here is what I bought:

First up, mustard pegs, a nod to the fact that autumn is just around the corner.
Peg Trousers, NewLook, £10 (thrifty times!)
Forest Green Jeans, Zara, £19.99 I didn't intend to buy these but I'm totally in love with them. Again, looking towards autumn colour wise.
Egg Yoke Yellow Crop Top, H&M,  £6.99

Still some festival spirit in there! Feathered jewels, H&M, £3.99

I resisted for a while but now I'm embracing the lofa! Primark, £8

I am loving the new colours around at the moment. I'm Feeling dark greens, burgundys, and chocolate browns. A few splashes of orange and fawn wouldn't go amiss either.

I also got a chunky knit cropped jumper. I have something of an obsession with Scandinavia, and (yes massively jumping the gun here) want to create a sort of Scandi. look this winter, My plan is to aim for something a little like this:

Love to all xXx

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  1. love everything you bought, and those trousers for a tenner! proper bargain xx


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