Friday, 22 July 2011

Cotton Socks

Wearing a Grimauld staple today: pegs and a Breton. pair of brogues and cotton ankle socks and we're away!
Virgin voyage for the mustard pegs

Socks and Shoes, what are your views?....


  1. We should probably stop ever trying to wear anything else really xxxxx

  2. You and Phoebe are honestly the two cutest little Brits with your teeny peg trousers and adorable brogues. I love the color of these pants! It is so perfect. I love that second photo. Very sassy.

  3. Oh, I approve of socks and shoes. It's possibly because I work in a primary school, and I think the little girls look so cute in their white socks, gingham frocks and mary janes, and I make the mistake of thinking I can get away with that look myself! Socks and brogues are a match made in heaven, though. Here's a couple of outfits I built around my socks! (You may have to scroll past me wittering on for a bit first)

    P.S. You always look so happy in your outfit shots!

  4. Love this outfit! The trousers are so lovely!!


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