Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Autumn Wish List

G'day Mates,

Awoke this morning to the sound of the latest Hennes catalogue hitting the door mat. Oh dear, many beautiful things and serious lack of monies.

So without further ado heres my short list of Autumn lovelies. 

Cable Knit Jumper, H&M, £24.99. I have longed for one of these forever and a day.

Yellow Ballet Pumps, H&M, £7.99

Floral Socks, H&M, £5.99. Great for keeping little feets warm, and pretty with brogues.

Floral Scarf, H&M, £12.99

Camel Jumper, H&M, £19.99. I rather like this in Blue too, but I reckon that Camel will be more wearable.

Heres the same jumper in Blue. I'm rather liking the yellow bag too.
I have also got my eye on a pair of Burgundy jeans from UO. Only problem is they are insanely expensive. H&M Kids do some Burgundy cords... is that crazy? Maybe if I roll them up I can get away with it?

Burgundy Cords, H&M, £9.99 (oh yeah VAT free baby)  

Elbow Patch Cardi, H&M, £14.99
There seems to be something of a craze for elbow patches at the mo. I have a couple of jumpers that could do with a bit of an update. Might pop to a haberdashers and get me some patches then sew them on myself.

In other news I'm waiting for my new glasses to arrive. Can't wait see again even if they make me look like a nerd (photos to follow).

Love to all xXx

p.s. has anyone bought H&M kids trousers before? Whats the fit like? Is it a lost cause?


  1. H&M is on top form right now! I will definitely be buying the cable knit jumper i saw it on H&M yesterday and though I NEED THAT JUMPER!!! loving the blue colour too!

  2. Oh my, is it in the shops already? Might have to do a little recce and check it out/ buy it.(really shouldn't but I ALSO NEED THAT JUMPER!

    Do you think Blue over Camel? I prefer the Blue but Camel will go with pretty much anything... argh x


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