Sunday, 3 July 2011

Pimms O'Clock

I've had a wonderful weekend, having fun in the sun. We did pretty much nothing all weekend and it was absolute bliss. On Saturday we rustled up a tasty BBQ and a tea pot of Pimms and  sat in the garden getting merrily tipsy and generally putting the world to rights.

Braking with tradition, we opted for a real BBQ over the disposable variety.
This bad boy will set you back £10 from B&Q.

Made some super tasty chicken for the Barby- 2 chicken breasts 2 bulbs of garlic (just peel the cloves- chopping optional), shit loads of parsley, glug of white wine, same of olive oil- wrap the lot in tim foil, whack it on the BBQ and you're away! 

One thing I will say of the 'real deal' BBQ is that it takes a bit more effort to get it going. I advise the purchasing of fire lighters. we had none so poured healthy libations of white spirit on- not really a plan. It worked but it was a bit dicey...

hope everyone had a lovely weekend too xXx


  1. It seems like you had the loveliest weekend! I adore your blouse :)

  2. Aah I love weekends like this. That second photo of you is so cute and purty. :] A bunch of friends and I had a bbq last weekend & they couldn't get the grill lit- i think there was six guys involved before I saw a flame. haha!

  3. Thanks love. Yeah it was proper good, just the ticket :)

    haha men love making fire, some sort of Prometheus complex or something. bless 'em x


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