Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bank Holiday Loveliness


Firstly my apologies for the recent lack of posts. It has been such lovely weather, and what with spending so much time out of doors, blogging has fallen by the way side somewhat. However, one advantage of this is that I have plenty of things to write about and lots of pretty pictures to share. So without further ado...

wherever you stand near a BBQ the smoke always follows!

Attempts to master self-timer. many culinary delights to be sat on and drinks to be spilt :/

As per usual it was a case of eyes bigger than tummies,
spent the remainder of  the afternoon lying in the sun and dozing.
An attempt to soak up the sun, pretty short lived sadly.

Spent Saturday boating near Barcombe. Our rowing left something to be desired, a fact emphasised by the many families who rowed merrily past us, despite the fact that half their crew were under the age of six!

In spite of our less than orthodox rowing technique, we made pretty good headway. We got as far as a fork in the river, thinking we were being clever we took the route away from the one labeled 'The Falls'... However we ended up in an extremely narrow bit of river that was all overhung with trees! Bit of a mish.

The path less rowed.

Once we were suitably tipsy, booze weaseled enough not to be 'seworthy' at anyrate, we tied the boat to a bit of riverbank and went for a picnic. 

Ingenius improvised mooring.

Spent the rest of our long weekend (courtesy of Wills & Kate. Yeah cheers for that guys, only costs us our dignity and 60p a year!- It's the principle) sipping wine in the sun, and generally relaxing. 

Hope you guys all had a good bank holiday too. Did anyone watch the wedding? 



  1. Oh my gosh this looks like WAY too much fun! Such delicious food, and boating around with booze? JEALOUS! I love it!

  2. haha yes Booze Weaseling about on the river a la Wind in the Willows. Cider certainly helped with all that rowing (or at least seemed to at the time). :)

  3. MAN THAT LOOKS LIKE A GREAT WEEKEND. Drinks, and boats, and BBQ... invite me next time! :P

  4. ah it was, proper relaxing. The royals should get married more often. next time you're in blighty you should swing by!


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