Monday, 30 May 2011

French Fancies

I have come over all French recently. My parents went back to France for their honeymoon (which was extended by a week). I have a feeling that they are regretting the move to the UK. I spoke to Madre on the phone the other day and it sounds like she, at least, would rather be there. Who can blame her it sounds like bliss!

In an effort to create my very own paradis fran├žais I have been listening to Yann Tiersen and Rachel Portman, eating almond croissants, watching Tintin, and messing around with some lovely french lace.

When we moved to England, my mother bought this great big bag stuffed to bursting with vintage French lace.  It was mostly just bits and bobs she had picked up over the years, but amongst it all there were some real gems. Like the hand-made lace wrist collars, bras, garters, and suspender belts!

Anyhoo, this fab bag was discovered whilst Madre was sorting through wedding stuff, and she finally handed it over- Yipee! I'd quite like to make some lace collars. Peter pan style is out, as it would involve cutting the lace too much, but maybe some box collars??

I found this fantastic site that sells loads of pretty things, check out these beautiful collars here. I doubt if mine will turn out as well but its always good to have something to aspire to.

I saw a couple of quite simple lace collars in UO, they are just lace with a ribbon wound in around the top. there are also a few piece with standard collars that had lace underneath. Plenty to think about. has anyone else tried to make lace collars? any tips?

Keeping with the French theme. I have also started reading Joanne Harris' The Lollipop Shoes. Which is turning out to be pretty darn addictive. (review to follow)

This is an alternative cover- I think its for the paper back version,
but it captures the essence of the book perfectly.
Being that I have no money at the mo I have decided to compile a wish list of lovely things to dream of.
  • Olive Green peg leg trousers, pencil skirt
  • Pale pink (almost nude) blouse
  • Straw Hat (Madeline style)
  • Summer Sandals
  • Winter Boots
  • Winter Coat (Vogue informs me that the cape is still a must have)
  • Petite Cherie, a delicious parfum by Annick Goutal
  • A decent set of headphones
Love to all xXx

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