Monday, 16 May 2011

Pippi in Limbo

In the inimitable, and slightly modified, words of Pippi Longstocking "what shall I wear today?". I am totally stuck for inspiration as to what to wear for work. I'm in a Limbo between wanting to look professional and wanting to wear something nice. I don't mean office wear isn't nice, but the general feel of our office is much more casual.

Its a graphic design office, everyone looks hyper fashionable but in a very laid-back sort of a way. Yesterdays breton ensemble turned out to be just the ticket. In fact I wasn't the only one who donned the stripes :).

I really like the euro look of straight leg jeans with turn ups, ballet pumps, and layered tops. I think this is a left over from living in France (Phee is forever mocking my love of the euro). Problem is I never seem to pull it off, I just look a bit unfeminine. Similarly the Rockarbilly look would be perfect, but I am sans monies and currently I have nothing that fits the bill. Dang!

So heres what I wore on Friday, which turned out to be a pretty jokes day. When your boss turn to you and says "its a sex shop though, is that OK?" you know your working an interesting job. (I was dealing with a shop who stocks some of our stuff). In light of this the knee high leather boots seemed rather apt.

cardi, Zara
Shirt, H&M
Jeans, Topshop
Boots (these were a one off shoe splurge: they were £300!
shocking I know but this is their 4th year so I reckon they have earned their dues)

Thought hair up was more of a plan.

add a cardi

Hope every one's week starts with a bang! Have a lovely Monday all :)


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