Friday, 20 May 2011

Social Media Advice Needed!

Hello all,

I had an amazing day at work yesterday. We had a really long meeting discussing all the stuff that going on at the mo. Copious amounts of tea and biscuits were consumed (of course, what meeting is complete without these necessaries?!).

Anyway my part to play in the game is all social media based, facebook, twitter, blogger etc etc. I always like to have a 'dry run' at these things so I have created mock accounts for all these and spent a few happy hours playing with them.

I have linked facebook and twitter upto Hootsuite, but there are a few things I need to find out. if yu know the answers to any of the following please help!

1. What is an RSS
2. Is it possible to link blogger to Hootsuite, if so how?
3. how do I link facebook and twitter (without Hootsuite)? I know this involves getting a vanity URL, how do I do this?

very boring post but I could do with a few tips if you have any... 

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