Monday, 16 May 2011

Plain Jane

Todays outfit is about as casual as it gets. I had a very early start this morning so just pulled on whatever came to hand. This is the sort of outfit I was talking about in my previous post, i believe the buzz word is COMFY. jeans and a t-shirt. Plain and simple.

Top, H&M
Vest, River Island, £4.99
Jeans, American Eagle
Mary-Jane Shoes, Topshop, £8 (sale)
Cardi, Primark, £3.99

Thats all folks, just a quicky. Hopefully tomorrow will be more inspired....


  1. I Like! Blue suits you, and that jacket is so cute!


  2. aw thank you, I love cobalt blue at the mo, but its surprisingly hard to find. the cardi was a purchase from a couple of christmases ago during a phase of loving all things scandi :)


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