Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

Keeping with the business topic, BBC Breakfast News were discussing hand shakes this morning. How much can you tell from a handshake?  Are they an expression of character? Does a handshake reflect somebodies business abilities?

Shaking with a left hand = friendship (apparently the Scouts do this)
The Double handshake = favourite of Tony Blair (Make of that what you will)

Personally I prefer a bisou, or better yet bisous (kiss on the cheek/double kiss). But failing that a firm handshake sets the tone for a meeting. A limp handshake, especially a clammy one, really puts me off. I can't help it, just makes me think the individual is a bit insipid.

I have a feeling that men tend to soften their handshakes for women. this may be well intentioned but it is also patronizing and (depending on the woman) may be detrimental to future dealings.

Today I decided to bite the bullet and go for the jeans and trainers look. I figure that whilst I'm in the office its OK to go a bit casual. So its a Breton, grey jeans, and converse today. Apologies again for the fuzzy effect.


  1. firm hand shake says alot - confidence and trust. cute outfit.

  2. Looking sweet!
    Know what you mean about the limp handshake!


  3. You looked so sweet. Stripes and red converse can never go wrong :)


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