Sunday, 24 April 2011


Happy Easter Lovelies!

Easter has arrived, late this year. I have never really understood how Easter can be on a different day each year despite numerous readings of Augustine, Eusebius, and others. If i'm honest the whole Council of Nicea shabang confuses me. For those of you who have given up something for Lent, today is the day you can now indulge to your heart's content-enjoy.

We got so many tasty treats in at work, and I have been Easter eating for about a month now :). My personal Favourite are the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Mini Eggs. I am addicted to them, so much so that they have replaced the love of Giant Chocolate Buttons (a staple food at Grimmauld Place). We had a lot of fun arranging the Easter stock, and scrawling Easter messages across all the blackboards too.

Easter always makes me think of Spring; lambs, walks in the countryside, picnics, egg rolling, and of course Easter egg hunts. Colour wise it brings to mind verdant Greens, Yellows, and Pinks. it's such a happy holiday.

Obviously Easter is busy busy busy times for the chocolate biz, so I shall be touting my (chocolate) wares over Easter weekend, alas no bank holidays for me. However here is what I would have worn given the choice.

Cropped Bunnies Top, H&M, £
Cut Offs Shorts, Topshop, originally jeans (v. old ones)
Sandals, Schuh, £15 (mates rates)

Hoop Earrings, Gift from Phee, indulging my penchant for bling (a nod to my inner chav)
Bangles, collection from various sources.
Sunnies, Newlook, £4.99

Have a very happy Easter everyone, make sure you eat plenty of yummy treats!



  1. Oh, that bunny t-shirt is really adorable :') I love it!

  2. A really sweet outfit!xx:)


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